SKBTs bibliotek

Visste du att SKBT har ett mini-bibliotek?

Alla studenter på psykologprogrammet får låna SKBTs filmer och böcker (bok), som beskrivs nedan. Lån kan göras genom att maila föreningen på

Beteendets ABC: En introduktion till behavioristisk psykoterapi (2006)
Jonas Ramnerö och Niklas Törneke
Se sfKBTs recension av boken

Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy (2011)
med Frank M. Dattilio
“When applied to families, the cognitive–behavioral therapeutic approach examines the interactional dynamics of family members and how they contribute to family functioning and dysfunction. In Cognitive–Behavioral Family Therapy, Dr. Frank M. Dattilio demonstrates a single-session intervention with a single mother and her three sons, identifying some of the automatic thoughts and schemas that exist among these family members.”
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Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (2006)
med Jacqueline Pearsons
“In Cognitive–Behavior Therapy, Dr. Jacqueline B. Persons demonstrates this frequently used system of psychotherapy. Dr. Persons uses a case conceptualization as a guide for choosing which standard cognitive–behavioral interventions to apply, and she adopts an active approach to helping clients solve problems. In this session, Dr. Persons works with a 29-year-old woman who recently developed social phobia. Together they work to overcome her fears through the use of exposure exercises and strategies for making social interactions more manageable.”
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Schema Therapy (2007)
med Jeffrey Young
“In Schema Therapy, Dr. Jeffrey Young demonstrates his unique approach to working with clients with personality disorders or those who are resistant to treatment. Schema therapy is an innovative, integrated therapeutic approach, originally developed as an expansion of traditional cognitive–behavioral treatments. In comparison to cognitive–behavioral therapy, schema therapy emphasizes lifelong patterns, affective change techniques, and the therapeutic relationship, integrating all of these strategies as opposed to focusing on just one of them.”
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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression (2004)
med Zindel Segal
“In Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression, Dr. Zindel V. Segal demonstrates a mind–body approach to helping clients who have experienced depression to prevent a relapse into depressive symptoms. Depression poses an ongoing challenge to staying well because certain thought patterns, usually involving rumination or self-criticism, often lead back to depression. By teaching clients mindfulness exercises, Dr. Segal helps them to recognize these thought patterns and, by being aware of them, to find healthy ways to work with and adapt to them.”
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